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Supporting environmental stewardship of Amherst College’s campus.

CLIENT  |  Amherst College
LOCATION  |  Amherst, MA

Over several years of Amherst College contracts, CW has prepared a Sanctuary Stewardship Plan, a plan of Conservation Options for the Dakin Property, a Breeding Bird Inventory, and ecological information relating to the siting of the new science center. CW also assisted with the start-up of the College’s three-year old Book and Plow Farm, and has carried out a Sanctuary Trails Plan with trail maps, signage, and recommended trail improvements.

Services Provided

Assisting land trusts and municipalities with a wide variety of services including helping set acquisition and protection priorities, identifying possible funding sources, completing land management plans, assisting in complying with applicable laws and regulations, monitoring properties, inventorying birds, wildlife, flora, and other natural resources, and volunteer stewardship coordination and training.

Our work includes the preparation of municipal Open Space and Recreation Plans that provide meaningful long-range planning for land protection and management, and meet state requirements.

Detailed surveys and mapping of wildlife and plant species present on the specific properties, including the following:

  • Canopy and understory trees, shrubs, and ground cover flora
  • Wildlife habitat features including cavity trees, coarse woody debris, seeps, banks, dens
  • Bird surveys – breeding, migratory, resident, and overwintering birds
  • Snakes, turtles, amphibians
  • Butterflies and odonates
  • Large and small mammals

Producing accurate and attractive electronic and printed maps of trail networks including natural features, points of interest, parking locations, property boundaries. Designing self-guided trails with annotated guides to flora, habitat features, local history, and other items of interest.

Locating, documenting, and GPS-mapping of boundary lines, corners, and monuments from available surveys and other records.

Prescribing and recommending appropriate measures for the management of fields, early successional areas, forests, and wetlands.

We help clients identify appropriate funding sources, develop grant proposals and other applications, and administer project funds, as needed. Often clients will come to us with a general idea about a project or the ultimate vision they would like to achieve but without a solid understanding of how to achieve that goal. We assist clients in identifying the various elements of a project, and appropriate phases and timeframes for each. Once the project components are known, we can identify multiple funding sources that a project may be eligible for and use these funds to leverage more money to meet your goals.

We’re here to make conservation work for you!

Conservation in action...

ADA Assessment of city parks in Chicopee, Massachusetts

Urban Open Space & Recreation Plan

Conducted public outreach to inform goals and action plan for next seven years, and ADA assessment of 29 city parks.

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Scenic Byway Trail Easements

Securing connections within a regional trail network.

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Land Trust Alliance Re-accreditation Process

Land trust stewardship assistance on over 60 properties.

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Ecological Studies & Stewardship Plans

Supporting environmental stewardship of Amherst College's campus.

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Red Pine Replacement

Management of the harvesting and replacement of red pines infected by disease and insect problems.

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Conservation Area Bridge & Boardwalk

Trail design and grant writing services to support the renovation of an existing bridge and boardwalk.

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