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We believe a network of high quality trails can transform a community by improving the quality of life for all users.

Whether for recreation or transportation, trails continue to increase in popularity and importance in both rural and urban communities. Understanding how a trail will be used, and the level of use it will receive, are important elements behind the design and construction of trails and trail systems.

Our trails are designed and constructed to:

  • Seamlessly integrate into the terrain
  • Leverage, incorporate, and highlight the natural and cultural features of the landscape
  • Minimize environmental impacts
  • Require minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Provide a satisfactory user experience that will encourage visitors to use the trail regularly

Design, planning, and layout of ecologically sound trails and trail systems. We work with landowners and stakeholders to provide the type of enjoyable and quality trails that will appeal to visitors. We have experience developing trails that span a wide range of usages, from handicapped accessible trails to challenging single track.

Implementing new sustainable trails, including clearing designated trail routes, cutting benches, and building bridges, boardwalks and other structures. We can also upgrade existing trails to address flooding, erosion, and increase visitor satisfaction.

Eliminate unauthorized or “bandit” trails and classic “fall line” situations through proven closure techniques of vegetation management, tread restoration and signage.  CW’s staff has numerous years of addressing trail closure issues using these techniques.  Establish trail re-routes to create more sustainable alternatives.

How safe is your trail system?  Hazards are assessed on and along your trail and an objective assessment or your liability risk is provided, along with recommended solutions to any number of trail safety issues and problems. 

All members of the CW Trail staff have been trained and have run countless volunteer trail steward workdays and numerous stewardship training programs.  Let us design your stewardship program for you so that your volunteers safely perform exemplary work on your trail networks.

Producing accurate and attractive electronic and printed maps of trail networks including natural features, points of interest, parking locations, property boundaries. Designing self-guided trails with annotated guides to flora, habitat features, local history, and other items of interest.

Clearing ice, snow and other storm damage from trail systems. From hurricane and tornado damage to snow and ice storm damage, we are capable of removing damaged and hazardous trees from your trails.   

Designing self-guided trails with annotated guides to flora, habitat features, local history, and other items of interest.

We provide guidance, strategies, recommendations and project management that define the specific tasks and phases needed within a project to achieve the ultimate vision. This includes identifying appropriate grants and other funding sources for the various phases of a project, from planning through implementation and long-term stewardship.

We’re here to make conservation work for you!

Conservation in action...

ADA Assessment of city parks in Chicopee, Massachusetts

Urban Open Space & Recreation Plan

Conducted public outreach to inform goals and action plan for next seven years, and ADA assessment of 29 city parks.

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Scenic Byway Trail Easements

Securing connections within a regional trail network.

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Land Trust Alliance Re-accreditation Process

Land trust stewardship assistance on over 60 properties.

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Ecological Studies & Stewardship Plans

Supporting environmental stewardship of Amherst College's campus.

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Red Pine Replacement

Management of the harvesting and replacement of red pines infected by disease and insect problems.

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Conservation Area Bridge & Boardwalk

Trail design and grant writing services to support the renovation of an existing bridge and boardwalk.

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